Imagine Your Business Advertised Effectively in Visitor Waiting Areas

“Seven out of 10 leave the doctor’s office and go shopping, whether it’s filling a prescription or going to the grocery store. You can see an advertisement for oatmeal while you’re home watching TV, but then after that you’re going to bed. But at the doctor’s, it’s along the path to purchase.”

Kerry Ann Clawson, Executive vice president of sales and marketing at AccentHealth


As Is Marketing has put up flat-screen televisions in several popular public places throughout Tzaneen.

The locations are chosen with care, taking into consideration factors such as the amount of people who frequent the locations as well as the buying power of the average person who does so. The positions of the screens within each host location are also carefully considered.

By making and displaying television quality advertisements (without sound), we provide an innovative and cost-effective means for businesses to advertise their goods to the greater Tzaneen public.

We currently have 11 TV screens at the following 11 locations:

1. Peacemed, Peace Street
2. Health and Fitness Gym, Windsor Street
3. Dr Haber, next to Mediclinic
4. Dr Spies en Vennote, behind Mediclinic
5. Ickinger Jewellers, 15B Boundary Street
6. Sugarhill, 23 Adshade Street
7. Ben Vorster Gym, at H/S Ben Vorster
8. Dr HD Monareng Obstetric & Gynaecology Practice, next to Tzaneen Mediclinic
9. Tzaneen Animal Clinic, Boundary Street
10.Dr Sheena, 07 Elita Building, Cnr Agatha & Short Street
11. Dr Haber & Dr Mashego, 24 Morgan Street

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